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Video trailers

On the Internet, less and less is being read. Films, however, are becoming increasingly popular. A picture says more than a thousand words.

Films do not only convey information, they also arouse emotions - and this leads to more turnover. A video trailer on your website attracts interest, raises the confidence in you and distinguishes your website from the rest. Video trailers are a necessary and indispensable marketing tool for your company. Most companies, however, are not yet making use of video trailers on their website


Why? Because the people responsible assume that film productions are very expensive. The costs for a trailer are generally estimated as being in the order of 10,000 to 20,000 euros. Everyone has heard about the expensive TV commercials, and video trailers are only found on the websites of the large corporations. And often enough, this holds true: advertising agencies often charge tens of thousands of euros for production.

We will create your professional website film for an affordable flat rate! In this way you already know in advance exactly what you will need to pay. For around 1,000 euros you can have a website film made which will boost your sales as well as enhance your image.


Marketing Report

How to ensure your web presentation's success! Europe's largest Internet agency reveals what really counts!

- the 7 gravest mistakes
- the 6 most important factors for success

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