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The times are over when "Internet freaks" only surfed for fun. Nowadays, a homepage must load quickly, be easy to use and all information must be clearly arranged. That is why the international Webmaster Alliance focuses on an appealing, business-like design and distinct navigation control.

This, however, does not mean that a homepage needs to be static. Of course, we can increase the attractivity of your website by adding image animations, sound, text animations, flash films or many other effects.

But sometimes, less means more - together with you, we will determine the purpose and main objective of your website, the "core message" you wish to present. Effects are there to underline this message, not to distract from it! Nearly everything is possible - but not everything makes sense! From our point of view, a "good" website is a website which optimizes your turnover and profit!


Marketing Report

How to ensure your web presentation's success! Europe's largest Internet agency reveals what really counts!

- the 7 gravest mistakes
- the 6 most important factors for success

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